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March 9 Photos


I found a couple of old Earthboxes and decided to try them out. When I first tried them they didn’t get watered often enough—massive failure.

I went online to buy new covers; two for $13? Ouch. I noticed that an organic refill kit, which included two covers, was only $17. That’s what I ordered.


Each of the boxes took about six gallons of homemade potting mix. I split the fertilizer and dolomite between them. The one on the left contains four “Celebrity” tomato seedlings. On the right we have four “California Wonder” green peppers and four jalapeños. This is 33% more than recommended in both cases. We’ll see.

Notice that the box on the left is on wheels; the other is sitting on the patio.


As an experiment I added sixteen bushels of leaves to the compost bin. I then soaked them down with tap water and miracle grow. Perhaps the added nitrogen will help them rot faster. I still have plenty of leaves to add.

Broccoli harvesting continues. The knife is a stainless MoraKniv Companion. Very nice!