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Planting Begins

The Inspector

The Inspector

Today is my first planting of the fall 2015 season. While I was working, a neighborhood critter stopped by to inspect my job. The photo shows him next to a hole I was preparing for a tomato plant. He must have approved – he didn’t say anything.

I planted one tray, four plants each, of broccoli, cauliflower, and jalapenos. There were no varieties listed on these plants. I also planted a tray each of “Copenhagen Market” cabbage, “Beefsteak” tomatoes, and “Purple Top White Globe” turnips.

Did I say Turnips? Yep. They’re an experiment—I’ve never tried growing them. I was surprised when I spotted them in the nursery so I asked the woman behind the counter how they grow in Florida. She looked a little evasive when she said, “we sell a lot of them.” I guess I’ll see.

I ought to pick up the empty trays

I ought to pick up the empty trays

Just in case there’s any confusion: these are turnips, not rutabagas. Rutabagas are yellow. Turnips are white. Turnips are also one of the few root crops I really like.

The second photo shows turnips in the foreground with jalapenos to the right, broccoli and cauliflower to the left. Cabbages and tomatoes are out in left field.

Up to Date

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne more quick post to bring us up to date.

On the fourth weekend in September, the 26th and 27th, I planted eight broccoli (Packman variety) and four tomatoes (Celebrity). You can see them in the background of the photo.

Last week, on Monday the 3rd, I planted eight cabbages (Copenhagen market), four cauliflower (no variety listed), and four kale (ditto).

March 9 Photos


I found a couple of old Earthboxes and decided to try them out. When I first tried them they didn’t get watered often enough—massive failure.

I went online to buy new covers; two for $13? Ouch. I noticed that an organic refill kit, which included two covers, was only $17. That’s what I ordered.


Each of the boxes took about six gallons of homemade potting mix. I split the fertilizer and dolomite between them. The one on the left contains four “Celebrity” tomato seedlings. On the right we have four “California Wonder” green peppers and four jalapeños. This is 33% more than recommended in both cases. We’ll see.

Notice that the box on the left is on wheels; the other is sitting on the patio.


As an experiment I added sixteen bushels of leaves to the compost bin. I then soaked them down with tap water and miracle grow. Perhaps the added nitrogen will help them rot faster. I still have plenty of leaves to add.

Broccoli harvesting continues. The knife is a stainless MoraKniv Companion. Very nice!

February Harvest

Once again, I’ve been remiss in posting.

Our cold, miserable January ended with a bang – the last five days were even more wet and miserable than the rest of the month. Around here we average 2 inches of rain in January. During the last five days of January, 2014, I got over 3 inches at my house. February has started off less miserably but the rains continue off and on.

The good news is:
I haven’t had to water my garden during the last two and half weeks.
There was not one Frost all winter!
I harvested some vegetables.


Wednesday, January 29: harvested three small heads of broccoli, total 18 ounces. I chopped these up and ate them, raw, over the next several days in my lunch. Very tender and tasty.

Saturday, February 1: harvested three ripe tomatoes, total 11 ounces. Yum.

Sunday, February 2: remember those cauliflowers I planted on a lark? Well one of them never formed a head. I harvested the other three today – for a total of 33 ounces. The smallest head of cauliflower weighed as much as the largest head of broccoli. Must think about planting more cauliflower next year.

Thursday, February 6. Harvested one small tomato: 4 ounces. I’ve been very pleased with the tomatoes and I’m keeping on top of picking them just as they become ripe. The flavor is very good. I also picked a couple of tiny green peppers and jalapenos on Friday – these plants are definitely done for.

The garden isn’t yet producing enough veggies to supply all my needs. But I eat raw veggies every day for lunch—and the garden has been handling that for the past couple of months.

I’ll add some pictures to the post when I figure out where I put my camera. I had it on Friday…


[Update: I mowed the lawn for the first time this year. I really should have done it two weeks ago.

More broccoli. I picked another small head: 3.75 oz. ]