First Okra

WiltThe last ten days have been rainless—except for a few light sprinkles. I hand-watered the garden yesterday morning.

Notice that the plants look slightly wilted. That’s not from lack of water, it’s normal Florida summertime wilt. The mid-day sun is so bright that many plants (even habaneros*) wilt in self-defense. They perk right back up in the evening.

PodsI picked my first okra just before making supper. There were only three pods but this is really an experiment. I’ve never cared for okra when I’ve had it in the past, and not because I disliked the flavor!

I ate one of the smaller pods raw and found it very pleasant. The other two I chopped up and added to a stir fry. The cutting board was slimy after the chopping but the stir-fried chunks were not. The largest pod was a bit tough. Must pick them when they’re smaller.Rocks

I’m beginning to think I should have planted more. Live and learn.

In other news: the folks who lived here long ago loved decorative rock mulches—which I’m slowly removing. At least it’s easy to sift rocks out of sand.

God bless,


*This is the correct (Spanish) spelling.