I’m Back!

Yes, our soil always looks like this

Yes, our soil always looks like this

It’s about time for a new planting season to begin in Florida. For your pleasure I have included this lovely picture of typical, highly fertile, black Pinellas County soil. And if you believe that one…


The weather this summer has been very strange: hot – cold – hot – cold. Of course, when I say cold, I mean 78°. And the rain… For a while I thought I was living in India during monsoon season. Now it’s settled down to only raining a couple of times a week.


Cardboard, palm fronds...any mulch will do!

Cardboard, palm fronds…any mulch will do!

This afternoon I began preparing the garden for planting. Step one: rake off the branches, logs, and mulch that were rotting all summer. Step two: weeding. The worst were the purple sweet potatoes; they’d spread very aggressively beyond their allotted bounds.




The biggest tuber is about 12" long.

The biggest tuber is about 12″ long.

After I pulled up a couple of pounds of tubers I decided to just run the lawnmower over them. I don’t eat very many carbs but I might as well cook these up. Tomorrow.

One of the compost piles has been aging all summer; I broke it open and dumped eight wheelbarrows full (50 ft.³) onto the garden area. After spreading it out, I sat back to admire the view. Imagine—what if the soil really looked like that?



Wheelbarrow load one--of eight (about 2000 lbs.)

Wheelbarrow load one–of eight (about 2000 lbs.)

More work to do tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Kathie

    Rick, do you start with seeds? Do you put them in your garden or have you made starters elsewhere. Then plant in garden.

    What do you plant this season?

    1. Rick Post author

      I generally buy seedlings. There’s a local nursery that sells them very inexpensively ($1 for 4).
      I’ll be planting tomatoes, jalapenos, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage (my basics).
      Kale and bok choy grow very well but I don’t care for either!
      I’m going to try spinach (from seed) this year.

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