Pretty Flower

Pretty FlowerLook at the pretty flower. It’ll be even prettier in a couple of days when it turns into an Okra pod!

This feels like a cool August to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve moved so far north (five whole miles). As I type this it’s 11:00 AM and the temperature has only just reached 80° F (27 C). And it has been cloudy all morning.

BreakI’m aware that I haven’t posted for two weeks but I have the world’s best excuse—laziness! I guess it’s time to update what’s been going on in the garden – which isn’t much. I’ve been doing routine maintenance, of course: lawn mowing and a little weeding.

After I’d finished my post two weeks ago (that would make it Sunday, the 11th) I broke open compost pile number one – which is almost 100% Oak leaves. The pile temperature had dropped to ambient so I knew it wasn’t rotting very fast. As you can see from the pictures it isn’t thoroughly rotted – more of a leaf mold than a true compost. But I figured it would make good mulch for the Moldveggies.

Before mulching I added some worm castings to the garden. This should prevent nitrogen starvation (that’s where the mulch takes up nitrogen from the soil in order to continue rotting, temporarily depriving the plants of a needed nutrient).

Since the sweet potatoes had pretty much covered their beds I added Shovelcompost by simply dumping it on top of the plants. The leaves bent down and shed the compost; it ended up mostly on the soil. With all the heavy rains we’ve been having I figured that was good enough – the rain would wash it down the rest of the way. It worked.

Last weekend (August 17 and 18) I didn’t work on any projects at all. It was a lazy time of watching a couple of movies on Amazon prime and thinking about this and that.



Later on today I hope to talk about what I did this weekend.