That Didn’t Work Out

Tree FrogI know I said that I was going to post more often – but that hasn’t happened, has it? The pictures I’m sharing today really should’ve been posted on January 18. What can I say? I got distracted doing other things.

The weather has been quite chilly. Though we haven’t had any frost this winter, average temperatures seem below normal. Check out the tree frog I found when I popped the lid off a bucket of worm castings. He’s so cold that he never budged. I’m afraid that the global warming thing is a lot like the Affordable Care Act. The government invented it and then couldn’t get it to work!

IngredientsI need to get some more Brassica planted before the end of the month. I also want to start some seeds for the spring garden. Becky gave me some heirloom seeds from Monticello. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they do.
Unfortunately, I’m all out of potting soil so I needed to mix up some more.

The recipe I used here is six parts each of vermiculite and compost, plus three parts of worm castings. I also tossed in a small handful (1/3 cup?) Of slow release nitrogen fertilizer (20-0-0).
MixingMy measuring cup is an old Folgers plastic coffee canister – it has a volume of about three quarts. The final mix almost filled two five-gallon buckets.

The pictures show how I mix it. I dump the ingredients on a large piece of plastic sheet. For purposes of this web post I put the ingredients in separate piles because it looks more interesting.

To mix all the ingredients together I simply “walk” the sheet back and forth. That is to say, I pick up one end of the sheet of plastic and walk toward the other end. This causes the ingredients to tumble together. Then I put down the first end, pick up the second, and walked back the other way.

It doesn’t take long before everything is thoroughly mixed.

As far as produce goes – I picked one small eggplant (about 5 ounces) and two small green peppers. I think the eggplants and green peppers are about done for the season.