We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Updates

OverallOn August 25 I purchased 4 each of Eggplant (Black Beauty), Green Pepper (California Wonder), Jalapeño, and Tomato (Beef Master) from Willow Tree in St. Petersburg. These were four-packs of tiny seedlings. I’ve been buying from them for years and trust their quality and advice.

They suggested that it might be a couple of weeks early for everything but the eggplants but I bought them anyway.

The eggplants went into a newly prepared section of the garden. I decided to hold off planting the rest till mid September. I had a few 8″ pots lying around so the tomatoes and jalapeños got transplanted to new homes. I wanted to do the same for the green peppers but I didn’t feel like going to the store. They had to stay in their little nursery pack.

On a personal note: I really despise shopping! Once every three weeks I go to the grocery store. August 25 was the last time I’ve been to any other store. I wanted to go to one of the local home improvement stores this weekend to get some trickle irrigation supplies but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Maybe I’ll see if Amazon carries that stuff…

I mixed up some potting soil: 3 parts worm castings, 4 of compost, and 4 of vermiculite. Since the compost was from pile 1, mostly leaf mold, I added a quarter cup of 20% nitrogen fertilizer. I mixed everything by rolling the ingredients back and forth on a large sheet of plastic. It made about 7 gallons (approximately 1 cubic foot).

When I planted the eggplants I made holes in the dirt about the size of the pots and filled them with the potting soil. I figured it would help get them off to a good start. Seems to have worked.

So, mid-September came and went. I haven’t really got a handle on this whole homeowner thing (yet).

Last weekend, October 13, I finally prepped some new ground.   I also ripped out the remaining two okra stems (something had eaten off all of the leaves and branches). The Okra crop was very disappointing but that can probably be put down to neglect. The (now large) seedlings are in the ground. The rainy season is over so I’ve been watering them (almost) every day.